Haven't slept a wink since 1916

...wasn't born then but sure feels times been ticking.

This is what runs about my brain
I'm fucked
21 fag Canadian Hobo


i got out of bed at 11:30 to make this

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Busking Busking Busking

Playing washboard with my buddy in Toronto august 2014

Me and Brody busking some sweet jams in Toronto not to bad for our second time playing together

East bound with my baby

Now now

So who asked to see my booty lol

Anonymous said: Can we see your cute punk booty?

Yea sure can lol..


I am retarded

Ohh damn le babe

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Ivan Solyaev’s ghosts

Ivan Solyaev is an artist hailing from Moscow, Russia. Solyaev’s work truly is haunting and beautiful, not to mention cold, like the ghosts of winter.

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On the road again see ya soon eastbound

female trouble, 1974


female trouble, 1974

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